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About the Exchange Program

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The Westminster-in-China is an exchange program between the Westminster Schools and the Beijing 101 High School in China. Both of the schools are the members of the World Leading School Association (WLSA). The program focuses on creating opportunities for students in these two schools to communicate about the languages, cultures, and education in both countries and to develop friendships for personal network as well as potential professional collaborations in the future. It is a travel and study program. Westminster students spend two weeks living on the campus of our exchange school in late May and early June during the summer. They attend classes and engage in cultural exchange activities. The group also explores Beijing, the capital, which houses the majority of famous universities and research institutions in the country and is the political, intellectual, and cultural center of China. They will visit the famous cultural and historical sites including the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, the Beijing University, the Olympic Park, etc. Chinese language is not a requirement for applying for the program. The Beijing 101 students come to Westminster for a two-week visit in late January or early February during the winter. They attend a wide variety of classes, engage in a series of language and cultural exchange activities, and visit the famous sightseeing locations including the State Capitol, the Coca Cola, CNN, etc. Contact Ms. Lily Liu at lilyliu@westminster.net about the 2015 information of hosting program and the summer study program.

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